Youth Champion Connections Registration

Did you know that youth and young adults report significantly fewer mental health-related concerns when they have at least one safe and responsive adult in their lives? Active Minds is dedicated to connecting all youth with a Champion. We are excited to host another round of one-hour workshops starting Wednesdays from March 6 to April 24, 2024, 6 -7 PM EST. Together, we will understand the value and deep impact that safe, supportive, and affirming adults have on youth mental health and wellness outcomes. We will uncover what assets and attributes adults need to bring to the adult:youth relationship to ensure they feel confident coming to us in times of crisis, celebration and every situation in between! 

Explore Our Sessions! Attend 1 or all 8!  


Session 1—We Are the Champions! (My Youth Champion Framework) 

Youth Champions will explore how they developed their adult: youth engagement perspective and practices and what it means to be a Youth Champion 


Session 2—The Stress Test 

Youth Champions will explore the stressors that impact their engagement with youth 


Session 3Their Guide on the Side 

Youth Champions will learn how to encourage safe and helpful behaviors in youth that will inspire trust and healthy adult: youth relationships 


Session 4An Ear, A Hand, A Voice 

Youth Champions will be introduced to the steps of active listening including conversations with youth, peers, family that are in need of emotional support and resources 


Session 5—Show Up, Show Out! (How We Show Up as Adults for Youth) 

Youth Champions will explore self-perception vs. youth perception  and practice discerning the two. 


Session 6—No Shame in our Mental Health Game 

Youth Champions will be introduced to the social and cultural origins of mental health shame, stigma especially as it relates to communities including Black, Latinx, and Indigenous populations 


Session 7— State of Mind: Youth Mental Health 101 

Youth Champions will become familiar with the most common behavioral health conditions that impact youth 


Session 8— The 1 Hour Advocate! (Advocating for School Mental Health) 

Youth Champions will be introduced to the skills of co-building a school mental health advocacy campaign with you as leaders and partners